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Good morning from the north end of Pymatuning Lake. We start the day at 32F and should hover in the mid 30s all day. Snow, this morning should transition to snow showers later in the day. Winds will be howling at 20 - 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph, out of the north west. With today's forecast, you would think the weekend would be a bust, but tomorrow looks to be sunny and in the mid to upper 50s and Sunday we should hit 70F.

Just to clarify about sharing the fishing reports.  We share people's successes to give those of you who do not live in the area an idea of "the bite". As well as to allow those who submit pictures to show their catch. We share locations only when given permission to do so. At no time do we share anything that the person reporting asks us not to share. 

Reports have limits of walleye being taken at the Spillway. Some success at the Causeway, but not nearly as many taken. The bite in the bays has slowed some with the cooler temperatures, but a few crappie and perch have been reported taken at Red Cross and Stewarts Bay. With the warm up over the weekend, the bite is sure to turn on again.

Take a kid fishing!

Have a nice day!

KUBOTA L3000 STOLEN 3/4/2017 
Stolen on 3/4/2017 from "Pops Garage" corner of Beaver Center Road and US Highway 6, Linesville, Crawford County, PA
Kubota L3000 4 wheel drive with litw 3 pt hitch backhoe. Tractor was orange, backhoe was black with green lettering. By now it could be a different color. Many have asked us about helping to replace it as we did not have insurance on it. Donations can be made to our Paypal account: Thanks
Please call us at 814-818-0248, Pennsylvania State Police, Trouper Fusco, 814-332-6911, or Ohio State Police with any information.
Thank you for your help.

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